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2 Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

2 Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

Hello, everybody! What’s up?

Today’s blog will be about some simple and practical tips to sharpen your English listening skills. If you’re reading this, this means that you have some problems concerning listening in English. That’s why I’m offering you these tips and I hope that you’ll make use of them.

TIP 1: Find Your Method

Well, something here doesn’t mean just anything 

What I mean here is to find something that will help you with your listening. A book, for example, has nothing to do with listening, but audiobooks will help, you see?

So, what I propose is to choose one of the followings to work on your listening:

1. Movie or TV shows…
2. Interviews or talk shows…
3. Songs or podcasts…

The reason why I opted for these ones is that I personally use them to work in my listening. So, whatever I’m telling you here, it’s not just mere talk. I’ve used all of the three and they helped me a lot 

So, the first one movies or TV shows is definitely my number one solution for every English listening problem that you have.

Google a good movie that you find interesting, turn the subtitles on (it’s recommendable to watch with subtitles for the first time), then watch and make sure that the volume is up and the sound is clear. Like that you’ll hear the pronunciation of words as well as how the word is stressed (don’t forget that English depends entirely on stress).

Because this is for your listening skills, I will not ask you to write down the words and expressions you come across while watching. So, let’s just stick to listening for now.

You can do the same with talk shows and songs. We listen to music all the time, don’t we? So, we’re likely to practice our listening skills using songs more than movies.

Pick up a good song that has good lyrics and listen to it over and over until you memorize it then sing with it afterward. Make sure to listen carefully until you know how words are articulated and how native speakers say them.

TIP 2: Repeat the Process

People always complain that these methods don’t actually work and that they’re not helpful, but let me tell you one thing! Practice makes perfect. You can’t be perfect in a day! Learning is a long process and you have to understand that you’ll only become better when you stick to the method.

Do this every day if you can!

Even if you can’t watch a movie, listen to a song!

Just do what you can! 

Just do it!

Don’t forget to COMMENT your opinion about the blog and the method you use to improve your listening skills 😃 I’ll be happy to read it!


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