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How To Introduce Yourself in English

How To Introduce Yourself in English

Introducing oneself seems a very easy task when we come to think about it. But when you face the situation in which you have to introduce yourself in front of someone, this task that you thought was the easiest suddenly turns out to be the most difficult one. For some people, it’s a nightmare.

Anyway, what we’re going to do in today’s blog is to face this nightmare and talk about how we can perform better in this situation where we have to introduce ourselves.

Let’s take a look at some tips!


Well, we always start with our names, so we’re not going to dwell on this. However, we can talk about some expressions that you can use to say your name for the first time.

My name is X (formal)/my name’s X (informal)
• You can call me X
• People know me as X
• They call me X


Some people don’t like to mention their age when talking with someone, but others have no problem with that. We also don’t always have to mention our age. But if you want to tell someone your age, here are some expressions for you!

I’m 20 years old
• I’m almost 20 years old
• I’ll be 20 years old next month
• I’m in my early twenties/thirties/forties…
• I’m around your age.


The place where you come from is an important thing that you should include in your introduction. Your country says a lot about you, so don’t forget it. It should be the third thing you’ll mention after your name and your age. Use one of the following expressions to talk about your country.

I’m from country X
• I come from country X
• I’m originally from country X
• I was born in country X
• My hometown is country X

There are other ways to talk about your hometown but these will suffice for now. You don’t have to complicate things when you introduce yourself, so just stick to one of the expressions above for now!


After you finish talking about your country, you can move to your educational (it you study) or professional (if you work) background. Talk about your education and your major or specialty…

I majored in English/Communication studies…
• I studied technology and translation…
• I graduated with a B.A./an M.A. in English literature…

• I work as a/an…
• I’m a/an…
• I work for X company…
• I’m retired/looking for employment…


You can add your hobbies and the things you’re passionate about. You can also talk about your personality and how you look at things in life. Here, you can also talk about your favorite type of movies/music/books…

Remember that the essential elements are the first ones we’ve started with: your name, your age, your country, and your educational/professional background.

Let us know if you have more information to add regarding this topic!


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