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5 Idioms To Improve Your English

5 Idioms To Improve Your English

Today we’re going to talk about 5 English idioms that will boost your vocabulary. You can use these idioms in your conversation to make it more interesting, and you can also use them in your writings.

Let’s get the ball rolling! (that’s an idiom by the way 😉)

1. Grin and bear it

This is an interesting idiom that I stumbled upon while checking the dictionary. It means “to accept a bad situation and bear it”. That is to say, no matter how bad something that happened to you is, you’ll have to deal with it and accept it without complaining.

To divide this idiom, we look first at the verb “to grin”, which means to smile broadly, and then the verb “to bear”, which means to endure something and deal with it. So, it simply means to smile and accept a bad situation!

EX: You can’t change the past. It is what it is now and all you can do is to grin and bear it.

So, he can’t change the past. He’ll just have to smile and deal with it.

2. Bet one’s bottom dollar

If you bet the bottom dollar on something, this means that you’re sure and certain that something will be as you thought it will be. It’s like you’re challenging someone that something will happen for sure.

EX: These two people will never be friends and I bet my bottom dollar on it.

As you can see in the example above, I’m sure that those two people will never become friends.

3. Call the shots

To call the shots is to be in control of something or to give orders in a particular situation. If you’re the one calling the shots, you’re the one taking the lead and the one taking decisions.

EX: In every classroom, it is the teacher who calls the shots, not the students.

I think this example explains the idiom well. The teacher in the classroom is the one in control. You better not disrespect him/her 😅

He’s the one calling the shots.

4. Jump/climb on the bandwagon

To jump on the wagon is “to follow the crowd in following a popular position, activity, or fashion. To make it simple, if you’re not a fan of fashion and you usually don’t follow the latest trends of the times but you suddenly start giving attention to it, you jump in the bandwagon of fashion and you follow the crowd.

EX: Jim was never a fan of this particular style, but recently I think she’s considering jumping on the bandwagon.

5. Dead to the world

This one is the simplest of all. If you’re dead to the world, you fall asleep quickly. It is a strong idiom because when you’re dead to the world, this usually means that you’re sleeping soundly and you are dead to whatever is happening around you.

EX: I kept knocking on the door with all the power I got, but I think he was dead to the world.

Ok, guys! That’s it for today’s idioms! I hope you understood the meaning of these 5 idioms well and that you’re able to use them in your conversation now.

Let me know if you want more posts about idioms, and don’t forget to share more idioms that you know could be useful.


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