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10 Idiomatic Expressions in English

10 Idiomatic Expressions in English

Let’s give you some cool idiomatic expressions that you can use in your daily life and conversations. Some of these expressions are ones that you already know and some of them are new. Let’s take a look at them now and look at some examples of their usage in sentences.

1. Long Face

So, what does a long face mean? It definitely does not mean that your face is long! 😅

Well, a long face is a sad or disappointed look on your face. It basically means that you look sad.

  • The woman told her tragic story with a long face.

2. Ins and Outs

The ins and outs of something are the small details that thing. You can tell the ins and outs of an event or a story, for example.

  • Don’t try to make the story short! I want the ins and outs of it.

3. Busybody

A busybody is someone who sticks their nose into other people’s business and tries to interfere with their life. Busybodies want to know everything about people’s life.

Are you a busybody?

  • Joanna is a real busybody! She can never mind her own business.

4. A Dark Horse

A dark horse is not literally a horse that is dark 😁 it is a person who keeps their personal accomplishments secret and doesn’t make them public, so the others know little about them. It is also someone who has great abilities and skills and keeps them secret.

  • You’re really a dark horse. I never thought you’d make it into the publishing field.

5. Be Stuffed

To be stuffed is to be very tired. This is another way of saying “you’re exhausted”.

  • I can’t focus on anything. I’m stuffed!

6. A Big Heart

If you’re a big heart, this means that you’re a very kind and loving person. You wish no harm to other people and people love you so much.

  • Jim is a big heart. He literally loves everyone.

7. Big Cheese

This has nothing to do with cheese. A big cheese is a very important person. Instead of saying “important person”, try to use this beautiful expression although people would think that you’re talking about cheese.

  • I was a big cheese when I was the CEO of this company.

8. Social Butterfly

A social butterfly is someone who enjoys being with others and is socially active. These kinds of people like to mingle with others and socialize.

  • I’m not a social butterfly, and I don’t wish to be.

9. Crying Wolf

A crying wolf is someone who asks for people’s help so many times that people no longer believe them when they’re really asking for help.

  • Don’t be a crying wolf. People will no longer value you.

10. Heart of Gold

To have a heart of gold is to be a very kind and generous person. It’s similar to “a big heart” and you can use them for the same reason.

  • My mom has a heart of gold. She likes to take care of everyone.

Alright, guys! That’s it for today’s blog post! I hope you’ve learned some new expressions from it, and I also hope that you’ll start using them in your daily life and writings.

Don’t forget to comment other expressions that you know!


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