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Slangs in English language

Slangs in English language

Slangs words are specific words or phrases that have a cultural definition that is different from the literal definition. These are informal words and expressions that are more common in spoken language. These words are not considered a part of quality English. Latest slang words used these days are given below:

Airhead : a stupid person

*My friend sometimes act like n airhead .

Ass : an unworthy and hated person

* we can’t be friends again. He is such an ass .

Barf : vomit

* My pet barfed all over the sofa .

Beans : money

I have worked for this department for three years ,but I still don’t have beans .

Bonkers : crazy

*I’ll go bonkers if I have to wait any longer.

Bushed : extremely tired

*He is completely bushed.

Catch some rays : get some shine

*let’s go to the park and catch some rays .

Chicken : coward

*My boyfriend is such a chicken!

Flashback : sudden memory

*The scent made me flash back to the days of my mother’s home cooked Sunday lunch .

Hip/ help : sensible, informed

*Ankit is really a hip.

Jack around : unpleasant

*Why she is jacking around?

Peanuts : very little money

* The job is very hectic but the payment is peanuts .

Yank : bother ,harass

*will you stop yanking at me ?


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